Scholarship In Bioeconomy
Developing bioplastics (and opportunities for young people)

The Raul Gardini Foundation has funded a three-year scholarship in Bioeconomy, which was evaluated by a prestigious scientific committee and assigned at a conference on the perspectives of green chemistry, organized at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Ravenna.

“Our father had two fixed ideas” – recalled Ivan Gardini, President of the Foundation, right before the announcement of the winner of the scholarship – “one was innovation, that is research and development of new materials and their application. The other one was the young and the little space and few opportunities that were offered to them. Better a young man who is not very well prepared than an old man oxidized by ancient certainties, he used to say. Young people have a different head, are freer, more open, ready to absorb the new and venture. They are the future.”

“I still remember vividly,” – he continued – “ the night he returned home wearing proudly, and happily as a child, the prototype of a beige raincoat, actually very beautiful, made entirely with corn starch. Same thing with the clock or the biodegradable pens made by Novamont, which was a bit like his laboratory creature of those years. And so it is because of the admiration and friendship that bring us closer to Catia Bastioli that we decided to link this first three-year research grant to the Novamont Company, and which I am happy to present today to Dr. Anna Ciancolini.”

Dr. Anna Ciancolini’s project on the use of thistle for plastic production was selected by a scientific committee composed, in addition to Ivan Gardini, by Gunter Pauli (author of “The Blue Economy”), Catia Bastioli (Novamont Managing Director), Luigi Pari (Researcher, CRA), Davide Turco (Intesa Sanpaolo), Renato Ugo (Italian Association for Industrial Research, President), Francesco Profumo (Polytechnic of Turin, Professor), Mario Calderini (Polytechnic of Milan), Fabio Fava (University of Bologna, Lecturer), and Raffaele Liberali (Representative of Miur).

Romano Prodi with Ivan and Sofia Gardini, Scholarship winner Anna Ciancolini and Catia Bastioli

“A path of personal and professional growth that has given me the opportunity to conduct experiments both in laboratory and on the field, in collaboration with important public and private research partners”. Dr. Anna Ciancolini tells us what she considers “the greatest opportunity of life: the three-year scholarship on Bioeconomy in memory of Raul Gardini issued by the homonymous Foundation” which allowed her, today, to be a permanent researcher committed in the Agro R&D Department at Novamont, a leader company in the bioplastics and bioeconomy sector.
Testimony Anna Ciancolini

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