Together with Paolo Fresu, for the growth of the greenest festival, where environment joins music

The Foundation supports the 33rd Edition of the TIME IN JAZZ! festival created by Paolo Fresu, its current artistic director.

Until August 16 in Berchidda and other towns in northern Sardinia, under the banner with which this Green Jazz event was born, many initiatives will be promoted to raise environmental awareness. This year, in collaboration with Novamont, one of the “Time to children” music workshops curated by Danilo Mineo will introduce the use of materials made in Mater Bi and produced by Novamont as musical instruments.

The Darsena in Blu educational project will be integrated to the workshop by the presentation of the fable “The Weed Revenge”, in which children are told all the possible transformations of weeds into energy and biodegradable materials, on the basis of Matrica model already in place in Porto Torres.

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