EN-The man who invented bioeconomy


The man who invented bioeconomy: Raul Gardini and the creation of green chemistry in Italy

“I found that Mario Bonaccorso had an original idea by intertwining Raul Gardini’s personality and thinking, told through his own words, with the evolution of Green Chemistry and Bioeconomy. The result is not only significant, but the careful reconstruction of events occurred in our recent history, in the field of chemistry and agro-industry, allows us to consider why a forward-looking project, such as that of integration between chemistry and agriculture conceived by Raul Gardini, did not succeed creating a gap of decades in the development of the chemical sector in Italy.
This reflection can be of great help to prevent history from repeating itself, in this moment when we need to draw on all our energies to get out of the crisis and redesign our future.”

From the Preface by Catia Bastioli